Discover «The White Rose», a beautiful story taking place between Belle Epoque Paris and Vienna and nowadays London, where Vivian, a lonely 21 year old art student is trying to reconnect with a bohemian past.

The White Rose is also available in parisian bookstores Galignani, Lardanchet Beaux-Arts & Tome 7.



The White Rose tells the cross generational story of intrigue in contemporary London and nineteenth-century Vienna and Paris. The tale interweaves the dramatic adventures of art student Vivian and her bohemian great grandmother Marie Anne.

The beautiful 18th century Weissenberg Palace has a stony façade and the elegant rooms conceal a host of secrets. When art student Vivian arrives in Vienna at her father’s request, she slowly uncovers this web of deception that lifts the veil on her past, and changes her future forever. The discovery of Marie Anne’s diary changes Vivian’s life forever.

Something about Marie Anne’s voice is different-distant. Instinctively, she realizes that she is connected to her in a strong way. Something has gone horribly wrong, but what? Shimmering with romance, intrigue, and the elegance that only the French Belle Époque can fashion, Caroline von Krockow’s dazzling The White Rose creates a tale of resplendent love—with a thoroughly French twist.


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The White Rose is also available in parisian libraries Galignani, Lardanchet Beaux-Arts & Tome 7.

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